About Us

Why us?

RTS GLOBAL SERVICES is on the route to making its clients successful in their targeted market. RTS GLOBAL SERVICES aims to partner with companies offering its expertise for maximum growth. RTS GLOBAL SERVICES originally is located in Islamabad, Pakistan, and works with companies in the United States and Canada.   

RTS Global Services motive is to offer a complete package and a team to its clients which may help them grow and achieve their goals of being known or recognized by its consumers. RTS GLOBAL SERVICES has helped organizations in USA & CANADA reach new heights helping them save money and yet maximizing 10 times more profits. 

RTS GLOBAL SERVICES team has the expertise and experience for offering solutions that work for almost all companies either offering services to Businesses or may it be selling products to consumers. We help companies being known to their right consumers and help them win and retain new business.  

We have one motto which is to work with Honesty. When it comes to hiring an offshore firm for seeking assistance at times many key decision-makers hesitate to put their trust in the process we may have for them being successful. Reason being, the trust factor and whether we from geographically dispersed locations shall be able to achieve and help as expected!

Well, let us assure you that at RTS GLOBAL SERVICES we work with honesty and utilize our skills, knowledge, and expertise at maximum capacity to achieve desired results. When it comes down to utilizing services from an offshore firm many key decision-makers simply conceptualize a thought if nothing is working out here how an offshore firm may help.